EDIT Widget Cursor Blinking Issue

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  • EDIT Widget Cursor Blinking Issue


    I am not sure if I am addressing the right forum for my concerns, but anyway maybe you can give me a hint to find the solution for my problem.
    I am using the latest emWin library (v5.30 GUI_CM3_L.lib) provided with KEIL MDK 6.5.0 on a STM32F205VET6 which drives a TFT display via the 16 bit FSMC peripheral.
    The display controller is the ILI9341 and therefore I am using the GUIDRV_FlexColor in mode GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_M16C0B16.
    I was able to get the application work properly except one litte issue.
    If I want to use the cursor blinking functionality of the EDIT or MULTIEDIT widget then the corresponding character will not be displayed properly any more.
    It seems like the character starts shifting leftwards in an infinite loop (see pictures) with every blinking cycle.
    I also tried to use emWin lib v5.26 without any changes.
    The PC simulation of the application works well.
    Furthermore I can execute the application on the STM32F429 Discovery Board without the stated blinking behavior.
    My application uses memory devices by default.

    Hope you can help me.


    Finally I found the solution for the issue.
    After I tuned the FSMC timings I had to add the function GUIDRV_FlexColor_SetReadFunc66709_B16(pDevice, GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_READ_FUNC_III); to use the correct data conversion scheme for the data read from the ILI9341.
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