Disable Multitasking

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  • Disable Multitasking


    I am using the precompiled emWin library version from Keil (MDK-Middleware 6.5.0).
    Since I want to use emWin in a single task I wanted to ask if it is possible to disable the Multitasking support (like #define GUI_OS 0)?

    regards Thomas
  • Hello Thomas,

    This option is use as a define in order to be able to avoid the according source code to be linked. The additional source code is required for thread safety which in turn enables the application to call emWin functions from more than 1 task. Since this can not be reconfigured at runtime, there is no possibility to change this using a precompiled library.

    Please note that besides additional memory requirements there is no disadvantage when using emWin configured for multitasking.

    Best regards,