Multiple file descriptors.

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  • Multiple file descriptors.

    Hello there, I having some troubles during my evaluation of emFile for LPC1788 chip.

    I´m implementing a system with make exaustive use of FS, and sometimes will have cases when multiple files are open (so, multiple file descriptors), so when I try to open two or more different files without a call of FS_FClose(), only the first file is opened, all others file descriptors returns as a null pointers.

    for exemple:

    C Source Code

    1. FS_FILE *fp1, *fp2, *fp3;
    2. fp1 = FS_FOpen("blablabla1.txt", "r"); //returns a pointer to file pointer
    3. fp2 = FS_FOpen("blablabla2.txt", "r"); //returns null
    4. fp3 = FS_FOpen("blablabla3.txt", "r"); //returns null

    We are using the emFile v3.34 trial version. Is this a kind of limitation? Or emFile definitively doesn´t support multiple file descriptors.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Felipe,

    In the trial version of emFile you are limited to 2 files opened at the same time.
    In the licensed version of emFile the number of files opened at the same time
    is limited only by the amount of memory available to file system.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Marius, thanks for the fast response.

    Okay, is a limitation, but In my version opens one file at time, but not two.

    So I´ll contact my purchasing dept. in order to resolve this licensing issue fast as possible.

    Best Regards.


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