IAR Won't Update To V500

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  • IAR Won't Update To V500

    I have been trying to update (for new part support) to version 5 of the jlink driver. I check the box to update at the end of the jlink installation, but when I run IAR, it's still on 4.82. I have also tried running as administrator and even manually copying over the files. Any idea what could be wrong? I am running IAR 7.40.3 (and also tried on 7.40.2).
  • Hi,

    In general, we are not aware of any issues. Can you please start a debug session in IAR and make a screenshot of the J-Link Control Panel (General tab) so we can check the J-Link DLL path used by the IAR installation? If the path is not entirely visible, please provide us the entire path using copy & paste.

    - Erik