Cannot send 0x03 over RTT terminal

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  • Cannot send 0x03 over RTT terminal

    I'm trying to use the RTT (Real Time Terminal) functionality to download binary data to my microcontroller, for factory configuration purposes. I've got it almost working; however, I notice that when sending the character 0x03 over the RTT towards the microcontroller, this character gets lost. 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, and a lot of other characters are coming through correctly. Why can't I send a 3? Is there a way to configure the link so that I can send all characters correctly?
  • Thanks for this very fast response! With this new version, I am indeed able to send the whole binary data to my microcontroller. I've got one question though: What kind of speeds should I be expecting when writing data to the microcontroller? I've read that the read speed has been optimized to achieve 500KB/s, but for the write speed I'm currently getting about 1KB/s. It's very possible that my implementation is far from optimal, but what writing speed should actually be reachable?
  • Hi,

    We did not do speed tests for writing via RTT, yet.
    In theory J-Link could achieve up to 1MB/sec (3 MB/sec for high-end models) download speed into RAM.

    Since you are using RTT via the socket connection, this slows down the speed.
    We might improve the handling on the J-Link DLL side, too.
    You could also get higher speeds when using the J-Link SDK to be able to use RTT functions directly.

    We will get back to you, when we have some speed values or improvements.

    Best regards