Background of checkbox messed up

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  • Background of checkbox messed up

    Damn just when I thought I had all my problems fixed I found another one.

    I added some checkboxes and as you can see from the picture I attached it is not looking right.

    The checkboxes work when I touch them, check and uncheck.
    I can see the text in the background, when I touch the background the 1st time it goes white ( which is how I have it programmed )but after that it looks just like it does in the picture.

    All my other screens and this one except for the checkboxes are working perfect. If I move one of the other widgets in the area of the checkboxes they look fine, so it is not that area of the LCD that is causing the problem, it seems to be the checkbox's.

    Any ideas what to look for?

    I have single stepped and did not find anything abnormal. I made sure I was not running out of memory.
  • Hi Adrian,

    There are no buttons near the checkboxes, the only buttons are the ones 1" below the checkboxes.
    The font is a GUI_FONT_13B_1.

    There is no other widgets located near the checkboxes.

    I replaced the checkboxes with images of LED's and I did not see anything, after unplugging the STLink USB and plugging it back in the images were visible. So I will put the check boxes back in and see if the problem was related to the debugger