ILI9341 display driver

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  • ILI9341 display driver

    I'm using emWin pre-compiled libraries released by NXP with a TFT display based on ILI9341 controller. I'm using emWin ILI9341 driver and it works after some additional code.

    I noticed that display driver doesn't send the commands SLEEP OUT (0x11) and DISPLAY ON (0x29) during initialization. Without those command, ILI9341 doesn't show anything on the display.
    Moreover I'm using a 16-bits parallel bus, so I need to send COLMOD (0x3A) command too.

    I solved this problem by sending "manually" those commands in LCD_X_INITCONTROLLER event in LCD_X_DisplayDriver().
    Is this the correct way? Shouldn't the ILI9341 driver implemented in emWin responsible to send those commands?