emwin fonts under windows

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  • emwin fonts under windows


    I am developing a Page Designer on a Windows-7 32-bit platform.
    The designed page is finally supposed to get displayed on a
    LPC1788 Platform using emWin Library that is made available for
    NXP users.

    For this i need to use emWin internal fonts like,

    under windows(preferrably with all their attributes like height , boldness,spacing etc.). This is required so that the user can select these fonts
    and can have a feel how exactly the page will look on traget hardware.

    Is there a way achieve this. i.e. a mechanism by which i will be able to
    use emWin internal fonts under windows.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
  • well i just want to know is there any equivalent or near equivalent of these fonts already present in windows or any installation process for the same
    are these fonts specifically designed for emwin or they are any kind of the generalized fonts like ttf library
  • Hello,

    These fonts are specifically designed for emWin. There are no equivalent fonts in MS Windows.
    It could be possible that there are partial similarities to other fonts.
    There are no ttf librarys. emWin fonts were created "manually".

    Best regards,