TIVAC129 Raster driver

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  • TIVAC129 Raster driver


    I'm setting up the driver for LCD controller for TIVAC129.

    I'm able to fill-up correctly the frmae buffer with the screen produced by WM (widget, dialog).

    The issue is that I need to re-enable the LCD controller in order to see the window on my LCD.

    May be the DMA trasnfer conflict with frame buffer write of WM?

    Can you help me to find a correct set up for LCD controller?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    I would recommend you to follow the instructions in the chapter "Multiple Buffering" in the emWin user manual. Once Multiple Buffering is set up, you will just have to call the function WM_MULTIBUF_Enable() to activate the automatic use of Multiple Buffers by the Window Manager.

    Best regards,