Is SDRAM neccessary?

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  • Is SDRAM neccessary?

    Hi, I would like to use MCU from STM32F429I-DISCO to my home project. Example project for that testboard using SDRAM.

    If I change LCD to another with lower resolutin, for example 320x240, is neccessery to use SDRAM? If I choose RGB565 color format, Video RAM will be 320*240*2 bytes. It's 150 kB of RAM and MCU has 256 kB of RAM. It should be OK.

    Is this thinking right, or are there some problems to solve?

    Thank you very much
  • The on board RAM should be sufficient to drive a 240x320 display.
    But take note, that it does not have 256KB RAM.

    It has 192 Kbyte Ram from the address: 0x2000000
    And it has an additional 64 Kbyte CCMRAM, which is at address: 0x1000000

    If you want to take use of the CCMRAM, you will have to modify your linker script.
    Also take into account, that without double or tripple buffering, you'll have a flickering display.

    You'll be able to use emwin's memdev feature, but it makes things a little more complicated than just having enough RAM for double buffering, and to let emwin handle things necessary for a smooth display.