EmBos 4.04a2. Task switch fixed.

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  • EmBos 4.04a2. Task switch fixed.

    We learnt that the latest version of EmbOS solves an issue with context switching that is described as follows:

    A problem with the task
    switch could cause that a task was not activated at once when it was
    triggered by an interrupt.

    The problem existed on all previous versions of embOS Cortex M IAR and is
    fixed with version 4.04a2.

    Is there any chance to have further explanation on which type of interrupts (nestable, not nestable), microcontrollers... are afected by this bug?
    As we have not noticed any extrange behaviour with our events sent from interrupts to activate tasks yet.

    We are using Cortex M3 based microcontrollers with NVIC.

    Best regads