Text always on top...

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  • Text always on top...

    Hello Adrian !

    I tested the following:

    GuiBuilder, create a window with a bitmap, a text and another bitmap. First bitmap is in background, then text and the second bitmap above the text (partially covered) as expected. Same in simulation, of course.
    Changing the order in _aDialogCreate changes the order on the display as expected.

    If I do not use IMAGE_SetBMP but GUI_DrawBitmap instead, the text (Text_CreateIndirect) will ALWAYS be in front of that picture! What is the reason for that?
    I need that picture (Bitmap) covering text (overlay).

    I think you will recommend a child window containing the other picture drawn with DrawBitmap. That window should be on top of the background with the text. This picture is intended to be used as a button/widget (therefore it will be drawn exactly in the area created with IMAGE_CreateIndirect in the DialogCreate).

    I would like to do that in the area I created already in the main window. But then the text will be on top, not below. I do not understand why the text drawn "before" the picture remains in front. Is there a flag needed to change that behaviour?

    IMAGE_SetBitmap works, but why does GUI_DrawBitmap not have the same result? I expect that this is always painted to the background.

    Best regards,