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  • back window freez

    On a simple window I have 2 buttons, and on text widget to display time, and is updated in GUI thread.
    Click on one button opens a MESSAGEBOX with a small OK button.
    I have 2 problems:
    When the box is opened it seem like it is blocking the thread, and the text widget time is not undated

    This is the same with PC simulation and the real system.

    Whoever, button click works fine on PC, but not on the real system, as soon as the button is pressed, it changes color to its pressed state, and wait, when I touch the button again, the messegbox opens.
    What am I doing wrong? This works ok on the PC simulation, so I assume it has to do with my OS, ( only single GUI task is running)
  • Hello Johanan,

    Please use a timer in order to update the time, since a MESSAGEBOX is a blocking dialog, so the program does not return to where the time is updated unless the MESSAGEBOX is closed.

    Please make sure your touch driver sends the coordinates (-1, -1) to emWin in case it is unpressed.

    Best regards,