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  • can you help us We work with librairies : EMDOS /IP Today we have an application on STM32F207 board which support Ethernet protocolThe communication is OK when we use the output on Ethernet port. For another application we want output on RS232 port (serial lines), do you have any solution ? (attached) BR
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  • Dear Bertrand,

    Thank you for your interest in our products.

    From your PDF I assume that you are looking for our PPP add-on for embOS/IP. More information about the PPP/PPPoE add-on can be found here: segger.com/embosip_ppp_pppoe.html
    The PPP/PPPoE add-on can be used with embOS/IP v2 and above. It is not compatible with previous v1 versions. Your current version can be found in the IP.h with the define IP_VERSION .

    Best regards,
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