Announcement How to report embOS related issues

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  • How to report embOS related issues

    Dear Forum users,

    to help other forum members to understand your issue you should include the following information in you post:

    1. Which embOS do you use?
    This should include CPU, compiler and version.
    For example: embOS for ARM version 3.60d with IAR workbench 5.11 (embOS_ARM_IARV5 V360d).
    2. Which CPU and eval board do you use?
    For example: AVR32AP (AP7000) CPU with Atmel NGW100 eval board.
    3. Which start project do you use?
    Did you download e.g. a trial package from the Segger website?

    Best regards,
    SEGGER Team
    Please read the forum rules before posting.

    Keep in mind, this is *not* a support forum.
    Our engineers will try to answer your questions between their projects if possible but this can be delayed by longer periods of time.
    Should you be entitled to support you can contact us via our support system:

    Or you can contact us via e-mail.