embOS error " OS_ERR_ILLEGAL_OUT_ISR" (no. 162)

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  • embOS error " OS_ERR_ILLEGAL_OUT_ISR" (no. 162)

    I use microcontroller STR911FA(ARM966E-S) for my application. In this phase of developing emedded system I get during debugging embOS error no. 162 continually. What did I do wrong, where to start searching ? I know that this error is related with embOS timer interrupt(system) and function OS_HandleTick inside of it. But before entering, every interrupt routine embOS is inormed with OS_EnterInterrupt() command (in function OS_irq_handler). This applys for system(embOS timer) interrupt also. But why then this error appears ?
  • Hello Tucepi,

    There are some functions which are only allowed to be called from within an interrupt function.
    These functions are:


    Please note that OS_HandleTick is just a define for OS_TICK_Handle, OS_HandleTick is obsolet.

    So please check if you call one of this functions from outside an interrupt routine. Do you have this problem already with the
    embOS start project?

  • embOS error no. 162

    Hello Til,

    Thank you for the answer. I use embOS 3.60 (rev 0) and there is this function OS_HandleTick inside of embOS Timer interrupt rutine _OS_ISR_Tick(). At the beginning (in the start project) this error didn't appear. I also thought that somwhere outside the interrupt routine this function or it's extended version were called but this isn't the case. I don't use embOSview so OS_OnTx also isn't the reason. But if calling this function outside interrupt routine is only thing that can cause this error(I did see that only this functions have OS_ASSERT_INT() call) I will do some more search.
  • Hello Tucepi,

    You should try to find out which function causes the OS_Error. The first way is to look at the call stack and the second one is to set with your debugger the variable OS_Status to 0 and step through your code. This will ends the while loop in OS_Error() and you will step into the function which has called OS_Error().