writing 4 byte long bin file into a Nordic UICR

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  • writing 4 byte long bin file into a Nordic UICR

    I'm currently writing a BLE boot loader for a Nordic ARM ship (nRF51422). I use cmake for my build process, that creates an elf-file, which is converted into a hex-file, which is converted into 2 bin files. One bin file is the content of the hex file, that contains the boot loader binary. The second bin file, is the content of the hex file, that describes one 32-bit value that have to be written to the so called UICR of the chip. The UICR is a flash region that is shorter than the usual pages and contains factory informations and starts at 0x10001000.

    Now I have to write the second short (4 bytes) bin file to the location 0x10001014 and use this command for the task:

    Source Code

    1. loadbin ble_bootloader_uicr.bin, 0x10001014

    This works but results in the following error message:

    Source Code

    1. Downloading file [ble_bootloader_uicr.bin]...Info: J-Link: Flash download: Flash programming performed for 1 range (1024 bytes)
    2. ****** Error: Programming failed @ address 0x10001000 (block verification error)

    Can someone think of a workaround for this (beside parsing the bin-file/hex-file and writing a script that uses "w4" commands)?

    In an other part of the build, I write a slightly larger bin file into an already erased UICR at address 0x10001000, without error message.

    kind regards, thanks in advance and have a nice weekend ;-),


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