J-Flash Failed to read or write S29GL256N

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  • J-Flash Failed to read or write S29GL256N

    We are developing a DBPX system based on AT91RM9200.

    Currently ,we are trying to read or write our NOR Flash (S29GL256N) using J-Link ARM.

    S29GL256N Description:

    32 MByte ,256 Sectors of 128Kbyte

    Problem Description:

    are not able to read our NOR flash correctly using Read-back Entire
    chip option in the J-Link ARM utility. After reading 32 Mbytes from Nor
    Flash ,we found first 16 Mbytes are same as next 16M bytes.There is no
    problem in the hardware.

    Even we are not able to write our NOR flash correctly after writing 16 Mbytes to Nor
    Flash ,Program Failed Error 'Program 1 on 0'
    I am also sending you our J-Flash setup file ''

    ->Is there any such problem in using J-link?
    ->Let me know the other tools and method to read Flash easily?