JLinkArm SDK support of Dual Core

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  • JLinkArm SDK support of Dual Core


    I'm re-submitting this question because it was not completely answered in the previous thread I posted. It's getting more urgent for us to understand this issue:

    Does JLink SDK support dual core? I see no reference to the core selection in JLinkArmDLL.h.

    Is there a sample code of how to use the SDK for dual core interface?
    Our goal is to use one JLink to access both cores. We do not need to access them both at the same time but we would like to switch between cores in our test programs.
    If not supported, we can use two JLink devices however it's still not clear how to call JLINKARM_Open for a specific core and not the default one.

    Again, sample code would be so great ..
    Thanks in Advance,