J-Link is not recognized by ARM DS-5 (windows 8.1 64 bits)

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  • J-Link is not recognized by ARM DS-5 (windows 8.1 64 bits)


    I am trying to use my J-Link with ARM DS-5. At the end of the J Link driver installation, the installer proposes to "update" my C IDEs. It retrieves Keil, IAR etc. but not ARM DS-5.
    There is a note about a manual installation of the J Link dll into a plugin folder of ARM DS-5 but this manual installation concerns only Windows 32 bits.

    I have tested the same installation with a computer with Windows 7 32 bits and it works.
    note: I have installed the latest version (486a) of the driver.

    Do you have any information about this issue ?
    Thank you

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  • I know this is an old thread, but I am having the same problem with windows 7 64 bit . Can someone at SEGGER tell us if the RDDI connection does not work with DS5 on 64 bit windows?

    I did have success using the GDB server with the DS5 debugger on windows 7 64 bit. I selected a processor with a gdb server, it was not our target processor, but at least an arm processor. In the DS5 debug configuration Connection tab, I selected NXP, LPC3240->Linux Application Debug->Connect to already running gdbserver, and then set the gdbserver address to localhost and port to 2331, started the Segger JLINK GDB server and it seemed to work OK. Note: we are not running Linux (or any OS) on our target.
  • Hi,

    Currently J-Link can only be used with the 32-bit version of DS-5. Support for the 54 bit version is planned for the future, but with no current schedule.

    Selecting GDB Server in the Debug Configuration is intended to be used to do remote application debugging,
    so debugging an application created with DS-5 running on an embedded Linux on the target hardware.
    J-Link GDB Server is used for bare-metal/kernel debugging.

    In fact it does not matter which target processor to chose when selecting GDB Server as long as J-Link GDB Server is set up correctly.
    But we cannot guarantee J-Link GDB Server supports features required by DS-5 for GDB Server debugging, but it might work in some simpler cases.

    Best regards