Implement at ssd1289 and stm32f103

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  • Implement at ssd1289 and stm32f103

    For some project for school i like to run your bib.
    I find information about my LCD driver ( ssd1289 integratet at 66702 TFT driver).
    Soo find driver at china forum

    GUIConf.c /h
    GUI_X.c /h
    LCD_X_16BitIF_STM32.c /h
    LCDConf.c /h
    GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c /h

    everything is set
    #define VXSIZE_PHYS 240
    #define VYSIZE_PHYS 320
    #define NUM_BUFFERS 1
    #define NUM_VSCREENS 1

    even register address for my memory (FSMC Bank1 NORSRAM1)
    #define LCD_BASE (0x60000000UL | 0x00000000UL)
    #define LCD_REG16 (*((volatile unsigned short *)(LCD_BASE )))
    #define LCD_DAT16 (*((volatile unsigned short *)(LCD_BASE |0x00020000UL)))

    only change class
    frome GUI_context. to GUI_pcontext->

    But still i have a problem.

    Source Code

    1. ..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(302): warning: #47-D: incompatible redefinition of macro "LCD_WRITEM_A0" (declared at line 60 of "..\emWin\Config\LCDConf_CompactColor_16.h")..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(306): warning: #47-D: incompatible redefinition of macro "LCD_READM_A1" (declared at line 61 of "..\emWin\Config\LCDConf_CompactColor_16.h")..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(925): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A1_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(939): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A0_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(1475): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A1_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(1516): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A1_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(1574): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A1_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(2709): warning: #223-D: function "LCD_WRITEM_A1_0" declared implicitly..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(2786): warning: #144-D: a value of type "void (*)(int, int, int, int)" cannot be used to initialize an entity of type "int (*)(int, int, int, int)"..\emWin\Config\GUIDRV_CompactColor_16.c(3118): error: #147: declaration is incompatible with "void (*LCD_L0_CompactColor_16_GetDevFunc(int))(void)" (declared at line 100 of "..\emWin\Include\GUIDRV_Generic.h")Target not created

    Before I find almost 40 examples/ settings use your driver, But run only one time and it was soo slow and some demos was spiked or freeze

    my unwork project
    And my almost work spagetti(rename register and initialization procedure LCD_SPFD5420)

    If some wan have to time please look at it

    I wrote it again and now it work :D

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