4-button keyboard

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  • 4-button keyboard

    I have a 4-button keyboard.

    In my multitab dialog I have different items like buttons, slider and dropdown.
    I need to use same key to switch between tabs and for example change the value on a slider.
    I think that a need some more information on what is focused. If it is a slider, tab or dropdown. Then I can change the button response to send the correct key code.
    But I have know how to get the object type and how to change the focus to another widget.

    Before we used touch but now we can only use 4-buttons for navigation.

  • Hello Andreas,

    In order to successfully implement keyboard reaction, you might be interested in the chapter "Keyboard input" in the emWin user manual. Beyond that all descriptions of widgets which can react to keyboard input contain an according section "Keyboard reaction". The Widgets are described in the chapter "Widgets (window objects)".

    Best regards,