FUJITSU Jasmine GDC driver

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  • FUJITSU Jasmine GDC driver

    PHP Source Code

    1. I encountered realyy slow performance with this driver.
    2. It is really a pity that 24bpp mode is unsupported, since that one is the native mode for Jasmine. All other mapping modes leads to painfull software manipulations and this leads to crual software bottelnecks.
    3. Has someone experienced same troubles ?
    4. My company paid roughly 6000 € for the basic color library, including Jasmine's driver. Nevertheless, we switched back to a hand made driver in order to get acceptable performances for the graphics parts of our product (dedicated off-highway machines instrument cluster).
    5. Hardware config : Fujitsu MB91467DA controller (@64MHz) + Jasmine GDC controller (ext. bus @32MHz).
    6. I