Memory devices problem: screen direct drawing

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  • Memory devices problem: screen direct drawing

    I'm new to emwin and I'm using STemwin on the STM32f429 discovery board.
    I need to migrate a old project on emwin and to do this I have to use memory devices and manually handle screen redraw.

    My problem is that if I use a memory device as drawing target I see that graphics are transferred directly to screen. And this before calling the GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD() function.
    Is there something I miss?

    I started from the "hello-world" example for my board and I added the code of the layers transparency example modified with memory devices usage:

    C Source Code

    1. //memdev handles creation
    2. GUI_MEMDEV_Handle hMem0,hMem1;
    3. //just to be sure layes are visible
    4. GUI_SetLayerVisEx(0,1);
    5. GUI_SetLayerVisEx(1,1);
    6. //first memory device on layer 0: these operations are not shown
    7. //but only because there's opaque layer 1 covering them
    8. GUI_SelectLayer(0);
    9. hMem0 = GUI_MEMDEV_Create(0, 0, 200, 100);
    10. //memdev selection
    11. GUI_MEMDEV_Select(hMem0);
    12. GUI_Clear();
    13. GUI_SetColor(GUI_RED);
    14. GUI_FillRect(0, 0, 199, 33);
    15. GUI_SetColor(GUI_GREEN);
    16. GUI_FillRect(0, 34, 199, 66);
    17. GUI_SetColor(GUI_BLUE);
    18. GUI_FillRect(0, 67, 199, 99);
    19. //second memory device on layer 1: these operations are shown suddently
    20. GUI_SelectLayer(1);
    21. hMem1 = GUI_MEMDEV_Create(0, 0, 200, 100);
    22. GUI_MEMDEV_Select(hMem1);
    23. GUI_SetBkColor(GUI_WHITE);
    24. GUI_Clear();
    25. GUI_SetColor(GUI_BLACK);
    26. GUI_DispStringHCenterAt("Layer 1", 100, 4);
    27. GUI_SetColor(GUI_TRANSPARENT);
    28. GUI_FillCircle(100, 50, 35);
    29. GUI_FillRect(10, 10, 40, 90);
    30. GUI_FillRect(160, 10, 190, 90);
    31. //memory devices copy in respective layers: this is unuseful
    32. //because all is already drawn on layers
    33. //I would like to see result only after these two steps
    34. GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD(hMem0);
    35. GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD(hMem1);
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    Thank you for your help
  • hi dimky, sorry for delay.
    I'm using keil uVision compiler, If you also are using this compiler do as follows:
    open GUICONF.c file and modify GUI_NUMBYTES define as follows:
    I created a define to switch from internal to external RAM.
    you have first to understand what's first free place in your RAM. This will be GUI_BUFFER_ADDRESS. I placed this after 0X600000 bytes from RAM start (0xD0000000)
    then you have to increase GUI_NUMBYTES until your memory devices fits.

    C Source Code

    1. #define GUI_BUFFER_IN_EXT_RAM //comment this to run from internal RAM
    2. #define GUI_NUMBYTES ((1024) * 150) //was 1024*150
    3. #ifdef GUI_BUFFER_IN_EXT_RAM
    4. #define GUI_BUFFER_ADDRESS 0xD0600000 //is first free space after last buffer ending = Nlayers*LAYER_BYTES see LCD conf
    5. #endif

    Then, in same file modify void GUI_X_Config(void) function as follows:

    C Source Code

    1. void GUI_X_Config(void) {
    2. //
    3. // 32 bit aligned memory area
    4. //
    5. #ifdef GUI_BUFFER_IN_EXT_RAM
    6. static U32 aMemory[GUI_NUMBYTES / 4]__attribute__((at(GUI_BUFFER_ADDRESS)));
    7. #else
    8. static U32 aMemory[GUI_NUMBYTES / 4];
    9. #endif
    10. //
    11. // Assign memory to emWin
    12. //
    13. GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory(aMemory, GUI_NUMBYTES);
    14. //
    15. // Set default font
    16. //
    17. GUI_SetDefaultFont(GUI_FONT_6X8);
    18. }
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    Hope it helps
  • Hi,

    I am new using emWin.
    I have the same board that FSPD, STM32F429 DISCOVERY and I am trying to use his code, the first one to implement MEMDEV and the second one to increase the memory available.

    My problem is that when I debug the execution, I can see that the first memdev is shown after execute the function GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD(hMem0); but for the second memdev its drawing operations are shown with the execution of each line instead of wait to the function GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD(hMem1);. How can I fix it?

    Another question I have, is related with the use of layers. I have used different layers without modifiying the variable GUI_NUM_LAYERS, but for this case I have had to. I have read the section 'MultiLayer' within the manual but I still don't know why I can use multilayers without initializing more than one layer.

    Thank you!
  • Hello again,

    I have solved the problem by deleting the memdev after using it. If I don't delete each memdev after using it, it is like I cannot create a new memdev.
    This solution includes that I have to copy each memdev before starting with the new one, and not as FSPD code where he copies both memdev after creating them.

    So, what can I do?


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  • Hello Roldi,

    The problem is most likely related to a lack of memory. If there is not memory available the creation of a memory device will fail and the function GUI_MEMDEV_Create() will return 0.

    The most simple solution will be to increase the memory available for emWin. Take a look into the GUIConf.c and increase the size of the array used for allocating memory to emWin.

    Regarding the layer issue, not sure why it is working but I would recommend to configure multiple layers before using them ;)