Unspecified error #16 on STR912-SK board

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  • Unspecified error #16 on STR912-SK board

    I am trying to do some programmatic flash programming using IAR vn 6.3 and a j-link plus. I have a small project which downloads fine to address 0 (boot bank set to 1) with FlashSTR91xF.board specified in IAR as downloader but when I try stepping through it a J-link error appears immediately "Programming failed @ address 0x00002EF4 (Algo13: Unspecified error #16). Then I get option to abort the debug session but IAR dies convincingly - I have to terminate it and restart.
    Can you throw some light on the problem pls?
  • Hi,

    (boot bank set to 1)

    You should either manually override the device, specifying a one with "Bootbank 1" option
    or disable unlimited flash breakpoints.

    Both can be done via the J-Link Control Panel:
    - Start the debug session
    - Click the J-Link icon in the lower right corner
    - Go to the Settings tab
    - Disable Flash breakpoints or select "Override device selection"

    - Alex
  • Obviously I'd rather not disable the unlimited breakpoints having paid for them ;)
    Just reread your post and followed the instructions but it didn't seem to make any difference (changing the device)

    Ta for the speedy response BTW. I've been using IAR with STR9 for quite a few years now but am now having to write a boot loader and so am learning about the flash as I go. There don't seem to be any examples of one that are concurrent with the modern IAR so I am having to try and convert old ones (with very poor docn) :(

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  • The STR9 devices are terrible... This bootbank 1 thing is even worse (It creates a lot more problems than it solves).
    Need to check if I can setup anything here to reproduce this. Anyhow, this may take a bit, since this is not a SEGGER-Support forum and this is a somewhat special case on a legacy device.

    - Alex
  • Ok ta. The target I'm wanting to ultimately get things going on is actually the STR912FAW47 (loadsa Flash) so if that is easier for you then let me know and I'll build for that.
    Incidentally another problem I had (with the STR912FAW47) was that IAR would download the image to both bank 0 and bank 1 when Ctrl-D was pressed which was weird. What problems have you had with STR9 devices (should I know about them before embarking down this road)?
  • Hi,

    Just for confirmation:
    Does this mean you are up and running now?

    I assume the IAR flashloader is not able to handle the case that bootbank 1 is selected, since this requires special attention
    in the flash algorithm because sectoriztaion if bootank 1 is selected is different from bootbank 0 being selected.

    - Alex