embOS View task list, "data" field

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  • embOS View task list, "data" field


    I'm running embOS 3.82v on a Cortex-M3 and trying to use the information provided by embOS view to debug my application.
    I'm note sure of the meaning of the "data" field of embOs view.

    For example, i have a task waiting for an event, its status is "Wait Event Object" and data is something like 0x200093B8.
    Is it the address of the event object ? It would be the logical meaning of this field, but it seems to be an address inside the task's stack,
    and i'm sure that my object is not allocated on the stack but on the heap.

    Could you explain me what is the "data" field ?

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  • Hello Marc,

    the actual data field content depends on the task status, but in general it's the address of the task wait list.
    This wait list is a linked list of all wait objects.

    In the case of e.g.:

    OS_EVENT _HW_Event;

    the wait list would include a wait object for _HW_Event.

    Best regards,