OS Tick from RTC - Problems implementing

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  • OS Tick from RTC - Problems implementing

    1. embOS version:

    embOS for ARM version 3.88 with Atollic True Studio 4.3.1 (embOS_CortexM_Atollic_Obj_V388c).

    2.CPU and eval board:

    EFM32LG990F256 on stk3600

    3. Start project:

    We need to run low as possible power, so need EM2.

    Therefore want to run OS_Tick interrupt from the RTC at variable amount but say every 1/256th second.

    Despite our best efforts, we cant get the RTC hook in.

    Code works okay when running from the standard timer configuration.

    Has anyone any ideas as to using a RTC with wakeup as above?

    Many thanks.

    Rowan and Susan.