Precompiled library with STM32F4 and ssd1289 controller

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  • Precompiled library with STM32F4 and ssd1289 controller

    I'm starting a new device development with the STM32F407 and 3.2" LCD 320x240 with ssd1289 driver.

    In the previous project I used the same display with a TI micro and TI Stellaris library graphlib
    To do some testing of the new hw with STM32F4 I used the TI library and is fully functional, but obviously cannot be used for commercial products

    With the ST device I would like use the precompiled library emWin.
    I am studying the emWin documents but unfortunately I read that the driver for ssd1289 is configurable only at compile time so not usable with my percompiled library.

    Before continuing the study of emWin I need to know :
    Can I solve with a dirver written by me ? (If yes how I can connect the driver with the library?)
    or should I look for a LCD controller configurable at runtime (any suggestion ....cheaper... with touch and parallel interface)

  • Hi, I use SSD2119 and it works fine with emWin. Driver configured during system power up when GUI initialized. Or sure you could add your own driver, I id that too, but original from Segger was faster.
    Only consideration: Segger's precompiled LCD initialization didn't worked for me, after GUI initialized LCD I have to reinit LCD again with my own parameters.
    Have a fun!