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  • embOSView GNU GCC

    We're using GCC toolchain from Linaro (launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/4.7/4.7-2013-q1-update) on STM32F401CC. We try to use embOSView using J-Link or J-Trace for Cortex-M through SWD but without any success. Changing "target interface" Speed doesn't help. Below are messages from log window:
    005:116: MEM: Error whilre erading 3 bytes properties from address 0xfffffffd.
    010:342: COM4 opened (38400 baud. Handle 2a0)
    010:342: COM4 closed

    010:342: All COMPORTS closed

    016:536: MEM: Magic id mismatch. Expected: 0x52, got 0x00
    021:013: COM4 opened )38400 baud. Handle 338=

    021:013: COM4 closed

    021:013: All COMPORTS closed
    032:027: MEM: Timeout waiting for target ready.