Embos and KD3083

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  • Embos and KD3083

    Hello all in the forum,
    I have a problem by using the segger embos demo for the renesas m32c83 combined with the on-chip debugger KD3083. The debug UART is UART1, for the connection to the PC I use UART0. One task sends some characters to the PC. But if I send a character from the PC to M32C83 demo board, the connection between both breaks of. Is this a problem with the IRQ's ?
  • KD3083 uses a small monitor program in the target processor. It communicates over the UART1, so please check if the right address 0x0FFFD00 is set in the interrupt table at position 19. It is defined in KD3083Vect.asm, but maybe you overwrite the interrupt table with another file? I guess the IAR linker would not complain about this.