Hardware FPU library cannot be found

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  • Hardware FPU library cannot be found

    Hi ,

    I know the following libraries are :

    1. libosT7VLDP - compiled as -mfloat-abi = softfp .
    2. libosT7LDP.a - compiles as -mfloat-abi = soft .

    But i could not find a library that compiled as -mfloat-abi = hard , does it even exists ? can i work with embOS like that ? , because if i try working with the library when i compile my program as -mfloat-abi = hard , i get the vfp linkage error.

    Any suggestions ?

    Best regards,
  • Hello Michael,

    the embOS FPU libraries are built with the GCC option -mfloat-abi=softfp.
    ‘softfp’ allows the generation of code using hardware floating-point instructions, but still uses the soft-float calling conventions.

    Please use the same option in your project, you can't use 'hard' with embOS FPU libraries.

    Best regards,