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  • LISTVIEW_DisableRow

    Hi Adrian,

    I have been using the LISTVIEW_DisableRow() function, but I see that when I scroll thought the rows in the Listview, the LISTVIEW_GetSel() actually returns the selection value minus the number of rows that are disabled.
    Is there another way to get the absolute current row number? Or would it not be better for Segger to make the listview return the value of the actual row, even if other rows are disabled?

    At the moment it appears as though the Listview treats the disabled rows as being deleted.

    I guess an easy work around would be to create user data within the Listview, and use this data to represent the number of disabled/enabled rows (updating this value as rows are disabled/enabled) and then use this as an offset to the returned value from LISTVIEW_GetSel() function.