Sliding the window

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  • Sliding the window


    I have created a window using the function WM_CreateWindow(). Now, i have created a button using the function BUTTON_CreateEx() at a location, which is outside the viewing area of the created window, and want to slide through the window, which will reveal the button, which i have created.

    Is there any way, with which i can slide through the window, to see the button,which i have created without using the slider option.

    PS: I want to touch anywhere on the window and slide across, which will show me the button, which i have created.

    Thanks & Regards
  • Hello Dilip,

    You will need to create another window as a child of your window. The child window should contain the BUTTON widget. It will be necessary to overwrite the callback function of the child window in order to react on touch events. For detailed information on how to do so, please refer to the chapter "The Window Manager (WM)" in the emWin user manual.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Adrian,

    Okay, i will be creating a child window and will create a button widget in that child window, after which i will write a custom function, which will overwrite the callback function which will respond to the touch events by referring to the windows manager section of the manual.

    I will let you know, once i implement the same.

    Thanks & Regards