J-Link Erases wrong device on JTag chain

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  • J-Link Erases wrong device on JTag chain

    Hi All,

    This thread is mostly a bug report...

    Just so you know.... We have 3 devices on the chain. 1 LPC2468 (first in the chain with internal and external flash), 1 DSP and 1 LPC2366 (Position 2 IR Len = 42, internal flash only).

    When using version 3.74, no problem, we can update any firmware. But with version 3.78 and 3.82 (I did not try more), when either we program the LPC2366, the internal flash of the 2468 gets Zapped...

    This is quite annoying...


  • Hello Malo,

    we have changed the order logic of the devices which are in the scan chain.
    The device which is directly to the TDO pin of J-Link is device 0.
    In older versions the device which was directly connected to TDI was described as device 0.
    In your case the LPC2366 is at position 0 (device 0) and the LPC2468 is at position 2 (device 2).
    Changing the scan chain configuration should solve the problem.

    Can you confirm that this solves the problem?

    Best regards,