About GUI_SaveContext and GUI_RestoreContext

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  • About GUI_SaveContext and GUI_RestoreContext

    Hi Adrian,

    I followed the example of WIDGET_Effect.c to add customized effect to EDIT, in simulation environment it works well, but after porting to embedded environment the application crashed at GUI_RestoreContext

    Is there any requirement to use the pair function GUI_SaveContext and GUI_RestoreContext ?


    Zhiying Xiang
  • Hello Zhiying,

    Please note that the sample WIDGET_Effect.c does not call the function GUI_RestoreContext(). I assume you try to use the sample WIDGET_CustomEffect.c. The functions GUI_SaveContext() and GUI_RestoreContext() actually do simple copy operations which should never lead to a crash. Unfortunately I can not reproduce the problem on a target hardware.

    This sounds like you would need support to solve this problem. Please understand that I therefor have to ask you to redirect your request to your emWin vendor. If you prefer to receive direct support from SEGGER, please feel free to contact info@segger.com.

    Best regards,