Memory Devices and/or Multiple Buffering Choice

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  • Memory Devices and/or Multiple Buffering Choice

    My design uses the WindowManager and Widgets in an RTOS system.

    Should I be using Memory Devices AND Triple Buffering together - don't they acheive the same thing?

    I have a triple frame buffer in DRAM memory - that works fine.
    So do I need to enable memory devices too? (i.e. WM_SetCreateFlags(WM_CF_MEMDEV); )

    Where is the memory pool for Memory Devices defined?

    Thank you
  • Hello,

    In order to avoid flickering caused by windows, it is not required to use Triple Buffering and Memory Devices at the same time, although it is possible. Nevertheless generally spoken Memory Devices do not achieve exactly the same thing which are achieved by Multiple Buffers. Multiple Buffers always buffer the entire screen. Memory Devices can be of any color depth and size. Memory Devices can also be used to perform animations.

    Memory Devices are stored in the memory which is allocated to emWin by the function GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory(). This function is usually called by GUI_X_Config() which is placed in the file GUIConf.c.

    Best regards,