GUI_Init problem

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  • GUI_Init problem

    i use ewin512

    i edited this code for my LCD and Sdram .
    i converted a bitmap file to array and wrote it on the memory which allocated to LCD
    i did it in the EnableLcdController function and for sureness put a While(1) for check

    this picture showed properly on LCD .
    but when i remove while(1) actually call GUI_int() normal
    the code stop in this function and never back !
    so if the configuration is wright what's the problem ?
  • Hello,

    emWin does a short memory check at startup. The used memory allocated to emWin must be accessible 32-, 16- and 8-bit-wise. The only "internal" reason for GUI_Init() to never return is that the memory check fails. Is it assured that the memory which is used as frame buffer does not overlap the memory which is allocated to emWin?

    Best regards,