Keyboard Input - Application Layer API

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  • Keyboard Input - Application Layer API

    Hi Adrian,

    Are there any examples for the Keyboard Input - Application Layer API functions and how/when to use them?

    I feel that the descriptions for the Application Layer API functions in the emWin documentation are not detailed enough. I would like more info on how the keyboard buffer works and how these functions work in a multitasking application where callbacks are also being used.

    Also, is there a way to wait for a key to be released? Similar to GUI_WaitKey() ?
    or if GUI_GetKeyState() can be used along with GUI_WaitKey() ?
  • Hello,

    For detailed information on how to make use of keyboard input, please refer to the chapter "Keyboard input" in the emWin documentation. Please also find samples which make use of the keyboard application layer API in the "Sample"-folder which should be included in your emWin package.

    Best regards,