JLink GDBServer async mode

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  • JLink GDBServer async mode


    we are using several JLink PRO, JFlasher and JTrace in our company and I have a question:

    Is there a way to use the JLink GDBServer in async mode OR a way to non-intrusively read from memory while a debug target is running?

    I would like to realize a live watch feature in eclipse IDE, but I see no way to request memories or evaluate expressions without suspending the target. As far as I know the feature of non-intrusively accessing the target is called ARM CoreSight. Does the JLink-Debugger support this (over GDBServer) by any means?

    Using eclipse + gcc has many advantages for us, e.g.:
    - gcc runs on our linux buildserver -> 20 times faster compilation
    - plugin-Integration into eclipse for Software design and Testing
    - editor with content-assist

    Missing is only a live-watch feature, which would be very handy.

    Possible solutions would be:
    1) GDBServer supports asynchronous mode and reading memory without suspending target -> I implement a small plugin for eclipse which uses that to read the desired memory locations. Is that possible?

    2) If I can user Segger SDK to read memory from my debugger while the debugger is used by GDBServer without suspending the target, I could implement a small tool which allows us to live watch memory locations. (GDBServer is running on windows, only compiling is done on linux).

    Thank you very much for your help! Michael

    PS: further information on GDB Background-Execution and non-stop mode:
  • Hi Michael,

    I think that is the idea behind the ansyc mode the GDB protocol defines.
    From the J-Link side, reading/writing memory while the target is running is already supported and even from the GDBServer side it is not a problem.
    The main issue is to support async mode, so GDB will allow the IDE to send commands even if the target is running which is not possible in non-async / non-continuous mode.

    Best regards
  • Hi Alex,

    are there any news? We really need this feature, because we want to use Eclipse and Build a live watch feature for it. The other toolchains like IAR workbench have many other disadvantages in our situation.

    Is the Source Code of the GDBserver open such that I could see how difficult it is to add the support for async mode?

    Thank you very much, Michael
  • Hi Michael,

    are there any news?

    As I previously wrote...:
    It is planned for some time later this year. No specific schedule yet.

    Is the Source Code of the GDBserver open such that I could see how difficult it is to add the support for async mode?

    No, the source code of J-Link GDBServer is not open.

    Best regards
  • Segger J-Link GDB Server Asynchronous Mode

    I'm facing the same problem as in JLink GDBServer async mode
    that the J-Link GDB Server currently does not support asynchronous mode.
    I understand that you get a lot of feature requests, but actually this one would be a really, really great and cool one.

    I'm mainly using Freescale Kinetis devices, but all devices you support would benefit from that, as that way it should be possible to read/write memory while the target is running.
    So if this is not already planned, would it be possible to increase the priority of that feature ;-).