Bad JTAG communication on AT91SAM9261

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  • Bad JTAG communication on AT91SAM9261

    On Atmel 9261 evaluation board, IAR/JTAG works fine and we have our own board but JTAG part is exactly the same as evaluation board. However, trying to download to our board, got error message as below:
    Bad JTAG communication: Write to IR: Expented 0x1, got 0x7 (TAP Command:2)@Off0x5.
    Could not find supported CPU core on JTAG chain

    I have Segger J-Link ARM V3.84 status window, and under General tab, it says Target DLL not opened

    And if I start J-Link Commander, I got message shown in the attachment

    What could it be? Please help!

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