Bitmap convert utility options

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  • Bitmap convert utility options

    I would like to know how to use each of the bitmap convert option and which function to be used in each one, I have read the entire manual and i am asking this question because it is not clear how to use it
    "Dta" file what is used for and sample of using it - one sample code is enough if the reset is the same (like 565 option)
    I know how to use "C" file but because that i am limited of space i need to save the converted data into the SD card and can fetch this data from the SDCard into RAM without any problems, the only problem is the data i have converted and read into memory how to use it to draw the bit,map into my display.
    formats are : "*c", "*.bmp", "*.dta", "*.gif" please sample of how to use each.
    I am currently using "*.c" and it working but micro space is limited, I am using "*.dta" and it is not working.
  • Hello,

    Please read the chapter 8 "Displaying bitmap files" and the sections 7.7 and 7.8 "Drawing bitmaps" and "Drawing streamed bitmaps" in the emWin user manual for detailed information on how to draw every bitmap format which is supported by emWin.

    In case you need detailed information on how to store bitmaps properly using the Bitmap Converter, please refer to the chapter 9 "Bitmap Converter" in the emWin user manual.

    Best regards,
  • Bitmap convert utility options

    Hi Adrian

    I have read all the manual more then once and there is no mention what and how to used each format.
    Please sample will do the job.
    I wouldn't bother you if it was mentioned on the documentation - if yes please point me exactly page number and row.
    On some there is explanation but only in some.