Don't know how to use the bitmap stream

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  • Don't know how to use the bitmap stream

    I am using the bitmap convert and convert a PNG file to a DAT file using "High color (565) bead and blue swapped"
    Then i am Saving the DAT file into my FLASH and when the system is booted i am loading the DAT data from the FLASH into the RAM
    When viewing the DAT file in the RAM i have checked the matching data on the file that has been converted using bitmap convert and the data in the RAM and they are matching correctly.
    When i am using :

    static GUI_BITMAP bmHorizenSplashScreen;
    static GUI_LOGPALETTE _pPAL;
    int iRetValue = GUI_CreateBitmapFromStream565(&bmHorizenSplashScreen,&_pPAL, BMP_LOGO_PTR->data) ; // where the BMP_LOGO_PTR->data is pointing to the DAT area in the RAM

    i got retunr 1 but when i am using :
    int iRetValue =
    GUI_CreateBitmapFromStream(&bmHorizenSplashScreen,&_pPAL, BMP_LOGO_PTR->data) ;

    its pass OK but when i display the data on the LCD i got it the 1/3 is shifted and the bottom 2/3 are OK (I am using 800x480 LCD)

    Whe i am using bitmap convert to a C file it works 100% without any problem but i have a linked issue if i have too many bitmaps in the code and need them loaded into the external FLASH

    Please i am stuck now and cannot continue and i have looked into sample of emWin but without luck, I have been forced by my empolye to search for on other application source but i think that i may lack of misunderstanding your applicaition or its a known issue,

    More on my problem - some time when i have reduce the bitmap size it seems to work by i cannot figure it out why, but it works OK on some bitmaps and on others it don't. Something is wrong and i must know it ASAP till end of next week
    My mail is or