Help Porting software from IAR to GCC?

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  • Help Porting software from IAR to GCC?

    Hello Segger,

    I have an application using IAR EWARM and SEGGER embOS. I am very satisfied with embOS,
    but I feel I would like to get away from IAR and would prefer GCC.
    It seems J-Link is working very well with it, and samples for Yagarto (Eclipse) or emIDE
    work well too. Also efficiency of GCC seems to be pretty close nowadays.

    Do you guys offer some help, such as porting my embOS based application to one of these
    GCC based tool chains?
    Consulting work (paying for this) is no problem.
  • Hello Mike,

    you can do the port on your own very easily but we can do it also as a paid service.
    The effort is 2-5 days (depends on your application).

    We also think that GCC is a great alternative to IAR because:
    - You can get the GCC compiler (as also workbench like Eclipse) at no charge
    - You are not depend on IAR regarding license issues (e.g. you have a new colleague who also wants to work with the compiler/toolchain)
    - You can use GCC on any PC without the need to transfer a license
    - Since GCC is open source bugs are fixed very fast

    Best regards,