OS_StartASM corrupts memory on PIC18 in ISR?

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  • OS_StartASM corrupts memory on PIC18 in ISR?

    I am using embOS v3.82o on the PIC18F46K22 processor, my compiler is C18 version 3.38. I have been
    troubleshooting a memory corruption issue that I think is being caused by the
    embOS assembler part. In the RTOS.asm file, OS_StartASM routine, the following
    assembly code is present:


    This restores the 16-bit stack pointer (FSR1), changing it
    from pointing to the system stack area, back to the task stack area. Unfortunately,
    a high priority interrupt can interrupt this code – the assembler part enables
    interrupt shortly before these lines. If the high priority interrupt occurs in
    between the two instructions listed above (a rare yet possible event), the high
    priority ISR will begin executing with the FSR1 register containing the high
    byte from one stack pointer and the low byte from another stack pointer. This
    means that FSR1 will have an invalid value. The first thing that the
    high-priority interrupt does is start pushing registers on to the stack (pointed
    to by FSR1)! This means that if the high priority interrupt occurs at exactly
    this instant a memory corruption will occur - basically a ‘random’ location in
    RAM will get overwritten. I can consistently catch this situation with my
    hardware debugger. I see the two stack pointers, and see that FSR1 contains the
    high byte from one and the low byte from the other, and the mixed FSR1 value is
    dereferenced with several write operations.

    Have you seen this before? It seems that the non-atomic
    modification of FSR1 should not be done with interrupts enabled - do you agree?
    Can you confirm that this is a problem – or is my understanding incorrect in
    some way?