Drawing a partially filled circle

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  • Drawing a partially filled circle

    How to achieve masking in em-win.
    I want to draw a circle on top of the rectangle.Actually, my intention is to draw a circle with partially or fully filled with some color.To achieve this i thought to draw first rectangle filled with some color and top of that i mask a circle .
    If i mask, only circle part will be visible with some color.
    For masking ,is any API is available .
    But how to achieve this is a problem.

    Please suggest some solution for this.

  • Hello Venkat,

    Just to have this closed here as well:

    A partially filled circle with the outline drawn in a different color can be shown using a clipping rectangle.

    The required functions are
    - GUI_SetClipRect()
    - GUI_FillCircle()
    - GUI_DrawCircle()

    The according function descriptions can be found in the chapter "2-D Graphic Library".

    Best regards,