Dropdown widget listbox closeup question

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  • Dropdown widget listbox closeup question

    I have a dropdown widget above an edit box widget. When the user touches the dropdown, a list box appears. Selecting an item in the listbox causes the listbox to closeup. If the user selects an item in the listbox which overlays the editbox, the dropdown listbox closes while the screen is still touched. This forces the editbox to gain focus and get a pressed event. Any way to force the listbox to stay down until the user releases the touch screen?
  • Dropdown widget listbox closeup question

    I was able to use the WM_SetCallback to the dropdown's temporary list control, and wait for GUI_PID_GetState to tell me the the touch screen has been released before exiting WM_DESTROY for the listbox. Better suggestions still welcome
  • We're using an uEZGUI_2478_43WQS board from FDI. Toolset is CrossWorks. The eval board comes with an eval emWIN library version 5.12. I'd love to upgrade to the newest emWin version but I've tried FDI and NXP and haven't been successful in getting an updated emWin library file for CrossWorks. I understand the NXP has licensed emWIN in library form users of its chips. Can you provide any info that will help me in getting an updated emWIN library for the NXP 2478 using CrossWorks?