TMS570LS3137 in Daisy chain and Segger JTAG problem

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  • TMS570LS3137 in Daisy chain and Segger JTAG problem

    Hey guys,

    I have a question related to the Hercules mcu and a jtag toolchain. We have a daisy chain which contains STM32, Eth driver,
    Hercules and Altera (in this order). This chain works fine with JTAG by TI and CC5 but it does´t work with the J-Link. What is quite
    strange is that there is no problem to connect to the STM32 (flash that and debug) on the same daisy chain. The problem occures when selecting
    the Hercules mcu and trying to flash it.

    I wonder if someone from this community happen to have a similar trouble with the JTAG. Daisy
    chain is electrically OK as it works perfect with other MCUs, it´s a question of JTAG and SW.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi,

    Currently daisy-chaining for the TMS570 series is not supported for automatic usage since this is a difficult case for this device.
    The TMS570 series have an ICE-Pick device on then which requires to be initialized first in order to make the CPU accessible (this also dynamically changes the JTAG chain length).
    Unfortunately, full-auto detection is not possible here.

    In order to use your setup, you need to write a so called J-Link script file which setups the complete JTAG chain and also handles the connect (which configures the ICEPick)
    as well as the reset (which also needs to be performed in a special way on the TMS570).

    For more information about J-Link script files in general , please refer to
    Chapter 5.10

    Sample script files can be found at $JLINK_INST_DIR$\Samples\JLink\Scripts

    Best regards