Using windows manager and memory devices

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  • Using windows manager and memory devices


    I have a menu with several windows which is created using windows manager. Also I've configured memdev and double buffering. When I switch between menu. When new menu or submenu opening, I see how it is drawing window line by line, it is performed too fast (0.5 sec for 800x480 whole display) but it makes representing bad. Its like a horizontal line goes through the display from top to the bottom and draws a frame. There are no same problem if Memory device is switched off, but there is flickering problem in this case. Have you got any ideas why does it occurs and how to solve this problem?

    Best regards,
  • Hello, Adrian
    I'm going to make a demonstration problem sample for you, but It will take a time. Until I do it, here is photos, illustrating the problem. Sorry for quality.
    1st photo - menu
    2nd and 3rd photo - when user enters in this menu and it drawns step by step, line by line. It drawns too fast, but not instant. It was really hard to catch this moment with phone camera. As I said, this problem doesn't occurs when memdev is switched off. But I want to use memdev to avoid flickering.