JLink-ARM v6.0 with IAR Workbench 4.6

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  • JLink-ARM v6.0 with IAR Workbench 4.6

    I am trying to run JLink-ARM v6.0 with an older version of Workbench, 4.6B. I get an error when trying to start debugging "Bad JTAG communication: Write to IR: Expected 0x1, got 0x7 (TAP command : 2) @ Off 0x4"

    I suspect there is some incompatibility between the pod hardware/firmware and IAR Workbench. This version of IAR Workbench comes with v3.10b of the jlinkarm DLL.

    I am looking for pod firmware that shows "Firmware: J-Link compiled Feb 21 2006 20:15:59 ARM Rev.5" when jlink.exe is run.

    Does anyone know where I can get this older firmware?

    Also, is this firmware compatible with the v6.0 pod?
  • Hello mccabehm,

    I've tested IAR Workbench 4.6B (EWARM V4.31A) with J-Link V6 and
    Atmel AT91SAM7S256 Eval board an I can not see a problem.

    Firmware version of J-Link used for testing: "J-Link ARM V6 compiled May 15 2008 16:40:15" (from J-Link software version 3.82)
    J-Link software version used: 3.82, 3.10b

    I've tried the J-Link in combination with the older
    DLL version (3.10) used by IAR and with the DLL version 3.82.
    Both work fine.

    Do you use IAR EWARM V4.31A with the old DLL and if not, which DLL version do you use?
    Which target hardware are you trying to debug (CPU, eval board/custom hardware)?

    >>Also, is this firmware compatible with the v6.0 pod?
    J-Link V6 is not compatible to J-Link V5 firmware.

    Best regards,