Problem with embOS View

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  • Problem with embOS View


    I am using MCB2370 , Kiel compiler and J-Link debugger . I have just started with sample application "MeasureCST_HRTimer_embOSView.c". The problem I am facing is I cannot see the profiling in embOS View, the Bytes and Packets get updated at the bottom. What might be the problem? Am I going wrong somewhere? First I flashed the program , disconnected jlink and connected UART cable and double clicked the embosview.exe icon and did the required setup , the baud rate was mentioned 38400 in RTOSinit.c so accordingly I have changed in the embosView. Please help me solve the problem?

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  • Hello,

    with which embOS ARM Keil MDK version are you working?
    Could you please ensure that the define OS_VIEW_USE_UART in RTOSInit.c is set to 1?
    Otherwise J-Link DCC communication is used instead of Uart communication
    Could you also please ensure that you use a debug configuration?
    If not embOSView communication is disabled.